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Holm Oak

Quercus ilex

A sturdy undemanding evergreen hedge that can withstand the strongest winds and drought conditions in direct sun or partial shade.

Soil types
Likes well drained, chalk, clay sandy and loamy soils
Likes full sun to partial shade
Annual growth rate
Annual growth moderate 20-30cm
Acts as a windbreak and pollution barrier
Ideal as formal hedge or privacy screen
Deep root system
Coastal planting tolerance
Suitable for coastal planting
Formal hedge pruning
Prune twice during the growing season

Holm oak also known as evergreen oak or holly oak is from Mediterranean origin and very popular in the UK. Hardy to -15 degrees centigrade holm oak creates a stable barrier in exposed areas including coastal locations with salt spray. Inland frost pockets are best avoided, whether in full sun or partial shade.

3-7cm long leathery glossy, dark green, many shapes leaves, elongated-ovoid to lanceolate, to almost round, some prickly likened in appearance to holly. The underside being white to grey felt like. New spring growth is silvery, which becomes darker green and leathery in maturity. Golden catkins adorn the hedge in early summer, followed by 2-3 cm long green acorns that turn brown in autumn before falling.