A new home was being constructed on a large plot of land in Winchester, Hampshire. The Tree and Hedge Company were instructed to plant a large privacy screen, made from hedging to control the view from a close by neighbor. As well as some large semi-mature trees around the homes garden.

We then proceeded to survey the grounds and talk with the client, to see what the best possible options would be. Fagus sylvatica (Beech) trees were decided as the best idea for the project. A design was then created and a schedule of work put into place. With the construction work on the house on going, it meant that we had a limited time frame to access some areas of the garden where we were planting. This meant that we had to carry out the work in phases.

Phase one consisted of getting the vast majority of the trees onto site. This was done using our trusty Avant telescopic handler, a machine we use daily for jobs such as this. We also used the sites Manitou telescopic handler to carry the plants in, to get the task in hand completed a little quicker.

Some locations in the garden were much harder for us to gain access to, so we brought in a crane to lift the plants into place. These Beech (Fagus sylvatica) weighed an impressive 2500kg, so we had to be very patient with the handling. The trees were eventually safely secured by our expert team.

Other plants were then lifted into place, including a large number of 4.5 metre high Beech instant hedge elements. They were successfully used to create a privacy screen from the neighbouring building. A couple of months later we returned to the site, and could already see the huge improvement of the screening hedge planted in phase one of this project.