This large landscaping project in Andover is an ongoing job for Hortlands and The Tree & Hedge Company. It includes a number of different phases of work across all of the services we provide. We recently completed the first tree and hedge plant for the site.

We planted 50 meters, of 1.2 metre tall English Yew instant hedge. English Yew is native to the UK and is an evergreen, so makes for the perfect choice at this traditional countryside property. The hedge was planted in the middle of a large open space in the garden, to section some of the lawn off around the house and make a more formal garden inside.

The four semi mature trees were planted to help line the driveway to the property. Three Small Leaved Limes and one Tulip Tree. Many mature trees already feature on the land of this beautiful site, and these trees were planted to compliment them. Eventually they will become as established as the trees that already stand in the landscape, but as they are already semi mature, they fit in instantly. Mulch rings where added around the base of each tree, this is important when planting a new tree as it helps to protect the trees roots from the elements. Locking in moisture and reducing its competition with any other nearby plants.

There will be another 40 plus trees to be panted on this site, along with the potential for more hedges in the future. We are excited to see how this project comes together as the months go on.