The Tree Planting Process

1. Initial Consultation:
Schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss your commercial tree planting and plantation goals. We'll tailor a plan to meet your specific needs, ensuring a customised and effective solution.
2. Tailored Proposal:
Receive a detailed proposal outlining our recommended services, including commercial tree planting and plantation specifics. Our transparent approach ensures you know exactly what to expect from the project.
3. Efficient Implementation:
Once the plan is approved, our skilled team will execute the commercial tree planting and plantation with precision. We understand the importance of minimal disruption to your operations, and we work efficiently to meet your timeline.
4. Comprehensive Tree Services:
Beyond installation, our commitment extends to comprehensive tree services, including pruning and regular health assessments. Ensure the long-term success of your commercial tree investment with our ongoing care.
At Tree & Hedge, we don't just offer services; we provide a comprehensive solution to elevate your commercial space.
From consultation to installation, we are your partners in creating a vibrant and sustainable environment.
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Why Choose The Tree & Hedge Company?

The Tree & Hedge Company is a leading provider of commercial tree planting services. We have a team of experienced and qualified horticulturists who can help you choose the right tree(s) for your needs and ensure that it is properly planted and maintained.

If you are considering commercial tree planting, contact The Tree & Hedge Company today for a free consultation.

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  • What tree is best for commercial use?

    The choice of trees for commercial properties can depend on several factors, including the purpose of planting, climate, soil conditions, maintenance requirements, and aesthetic considerations. Here are some popular trees that are often used in commercial landscaping:

    Maple Trees:
    Maples are known for their vibrant autumn foliage, and they provide good shade.

    Cherry Trees:
    Cherry trees offer beautiful spring blossoms and can enhance the aesthetics of a property.

    London Plane Tree:
    The London Plane tree is known for its adaptability to urban conditions and resistance to pests.

    Small-leaved Lime Trees:
    Small-leaved lime trees are known for their ability to withstand dry conditions and resistance to wind.

    Evergreen Trees:
    Evergreens such as pines, spruces, and firs provide year-round greenery and can act as effective windbreaks.

    When selecting trees for commercial properties, it’s important to consider the specific needs and constraints of the site. Consulting with a local horticulturist or landscape professional can help ensure that the chosen trees are well-suited to the environment and will thrive in the long term. Additionally, local regulations and ordinances regarding tree planting and maintenance should be taken into account.

  • Can fully grown trees be planted?

    Fully grown or mature trees can be planted any time of the year. Planting mature trees requires careful planning, specialised equipment, and professional expertise. If you are considering transplanting mature trees, it’s crucial to consult with a horticulturist or tree care professional such as The Tree & Hedge Company. We will assess the specific tree species, size, and health, as well as provide guidance on the feasibility of the planting and the necessary steps for success.

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