We installed a massive 500 meters of Cherry Laurel (Prunus laurocerasus) instant hedge at the Gridserve Headquarters. The hedging was used to create a long drive way entrance into the main building.

First, the old mixed hedge that had formed over many years on the site had to be removed. There were many different varieties of hedging, that were mostly made up from unruly trees that had been left to over grow and tangle together. All of this needed to be removed by tree surgeons before we could get in and tidy ready for the new plants. This was a large task that took just over a week to complete. Once the tree services had finished, we came in and fully cleared the area ready for planting.

It took our team one week to plant the full 500 meters of instant hedge and create a lush, new fully green lined drive way. By planting this new Cherry Laural in the way that we did we managed to gain an extra meter of space on either side of the drive. So now two cars can easily pass one another on the drive, rather than it being a one-way road.

Cherry Laural has large, dense leaves that are evergreen, so is a great choice for this type of project, as it will look great all year round. While creating extra security and noise control as a bonus for the commercial site.