A client who lives in St. Brelade on the Channel Island of Jersey, had tried to screen an unsightly view of a neighbouring field overlooking his property. Using the best plants available to him on the island he attempted the job, but sadly the plants simply didn’t suffice. After some research on who best fit to complete the job, our client came across The Tree & Hedge Company website. He made contact with us asking if we could supply him with our instant hedge.

We were of course delighted to help, and once we had investigated shipping details we gave our client costs for 30 metres of our cherry laurel (Prunus laurocerasus), instant hedge. We believed cherry laurel to be the best option for the task due to it having large dense leaves, and being evergreen.

This client has his own landscape gardeners who were able to plant the hedge elements, rather than us having to go oversees. We shared handling and planting details, and advice with the gardeners then the delivery was arranged. The installation of the new hedge was successfully carried out under our advice and the end result was a huge success.

A comment from the client – “We are absolutely delighted with the finished product and will be recommending you to as many people as possible. A number of friends have already commented on how amazing the instant hedge looks after just a few days in situ” Your help with this order has been totally professional from beginning to end and your instant hedge has created a beautiful screen that we never, ever thought would be possible and instant, immediately. Thank you”.