Tulip trees prefer nutrient-rich, deep freely draining soil. Tolerates dry ground but will only grow slowly. Chalk is tolerated but not preferable.


Tulip trees need warmth

Annual Growth Rate

Tulip trees initially have fast growth rates usually of 35-40cm but sometimes more, up to 70cm per annum


Tulip trees preference is slightly acidic or neutral pH however a small amount of chalk soil can be tolerated

Root Structure

Shallow, fleshy and far spreading roots, which break easily. Intolerant of compaction or pavement cover over the roots.


An impressive specimen tree, needs sunny position. Tolerates urban pollution, branches can be broken by wind

Annual Pruning

Tulip trees will only require pruning of dead or damaged branches.


The tulip tree has impressive large tulip-like flowers that appear in June and unique shaped bright-green leaves that turn golden-yellow in the autumn

Tulip trees can reach 25 metres or taller and 20 metres wide. A fast-growing impressive tree with a straight truck

The wood of the eastern North America native Liriodendron tree is highly valued and much used in the making of musical instruments like pianos and organs.

Tulip tree bark is light grey. Foliage is deciduous, unusual leaf-shape nearly square, 15cm long fresh vivid green on top and bluish green underneath, turning golden yellow in the autumn.

The flower size and shape are similar to tulip flowers and coloured yellow to yellow-green and orange. Fruits are 6-7cm long cone-shaped.

Price & Availability


Spring - Summer

Mature Tree


60-65cm girth 6.5m tall

70-75cm girth 7m tall

80-85cm girth 8m tall

90-100cm girth 10m tall

100+cm girth

Semi-Mature Tree


18-20cm girth 4m tall

25-30cm girth 4.5m tall

35-40cm girth 5m tall

45-50cm girth 5m tall

55-60cm girth 5.5m tall

Young Tree


10-12cm girth 2m tall

14-16cm girth 2.2m tall

16-18cm girth 2.5m tall

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