At The Tree & Hedge Company we have perfected our mature tree planting services over many years. We specialise in supply, delivery and installation of mature trees to elevate outdoor spaces. Our highly skilled team of experts can handle projects of any size and variety. Discover our projects here.

We have an extensive range of mature trees for you to choose from. Browse our selection and find the perfect match for your landscape.

Process for Mature Tree Planting Services:

Find the Optimal Location: We begin by identifying the ideal location for the planting pit and ensure the soil type and position is correct for the proposed tree.

Prepare for Planting: Our team excavates a planting pit slightly larger than the root ball of the tree, ensuring the bottom of the pit is free draining and de-compacted.

Gentle Tree Placement: The tree is carefully lowered into the pit by avoiding using the stem or crown of the tree to support its weight.

Anchor Installation (if required): If necessary, we install underground platypus tree anchors to support the tree while it establishes its roots.

Installation: To finish the planting we install perforated watering / aeration pimples around the tree’s roots, positioning them halfway between the soil and the bottom of the root ball.

Soil Enrichment: We enhance the soil by mixing a tree and shrub compost with the remaining subsoil dug from the planting pit. This mixture is used to fill the remaining 75% of the root ball, ensuring it covers just the top of the root ball/nursery line.

Mulch Application: To finish the planting, we install a circle of mulch over the root ball, ideally wider than the canopy of the tree.

Client Handover: Armed with all the information needed we hand the care of the tree over to you. Our support doesn’t end there as we offer unlimited phone and email assistance.

The Tree & Hedge Company is dedicated to providing top-tier mature tree planting services. Our commitment to excellence in supply, delivery, and planting ensures that the landscape thrives with the beauty of mature trees. Get in touch with us today for a quotation.