The following are some of our favourite white flowering trees:

Tree Species Flowering Time Fragrancy
Amelanchier varieties April None
Bull bay / Magnolia grandiflora July – August Strong scent
Callery pear / Pyrus calleryana Chanticleer April – May Pungent
Cherries / Prunus varieties April – May Light scent
Crab apple / Malus varieties May Strong scent
English hawthorn / Crataegus monogyna May Strong scent
False acacia / Robinia pseudoacacia varieties May – August Strong scent
Hankerchief tree / Davidia involucrata vilmoriniana November None
Honey locust / Gleditsia triacanthos varieties June – July Light scent
Horse chestnut / Aesculus hippocastanum varieties May None
Indian bean tree / Catalpa bignoniodes July None
Japanese pagoda tree / Sophora japonica varieties July – August None
Manna ash / Fraxinus ornus varieties May – June Strong scent
Mountain ash / Sorbus aucuparia varieties May Pungent
Saucer Magnolia / Magnolia soulangeana varieties April – May Strong scent
Service tree / Sorbus domestica May – June Pungent
Swedish whitebeam / Sorbus intermedia May – June Pungent
Sweet chestnut / Castanea sativa June – July Pungent
Wild cherry / Prunus avium April – May Strong scent
Wild pear / Pyrus communis April Pungent
Wild service tree / Sorbus torminalis May – June Pungent