Small trees with round tops are very effective, appealing and extremely desirable. They form beautifully dense round crowns on clear stems. They are perfect trees for incorporating into garden design work or individually into a small garden space. They also work spectacularly well when planted along garden pathways, driveways or avenues.

Small round top trees are slow growing and keep improving as they age. They should be annually pruned to maintain their outstanding crown shape and effect.

Trees with round topsHeightSpreadFlowers
Common ash / Fraxinus excelsior Nana 3-5m2-3mNo flowers
Dwarf Indian bean tree / Catalpa bignonioides Nana 4-6m2-3m No flowers
False acacia / Robinia pseudoacacia Umbraculifera 4-6m4-6mNo flowers
Field maple / Acer campestre Nanum 4-7m2-3mYellow
Globe flowering cherry / Prunus fruiticosa Globosa 3-5m2-3mWhite 
Horse chestnut umbrella form / Aesculus hippocastanum Umbraculifera 5-7m4-6mWhite 
London plane Alphens Globe / Platanus acerifolia Alphens Globe 4-7m3-4mWhite 
Norway maple / Acer platanoides Globosum 5-8m3-5mYellow  
Small-leaved lime / Tilia cordata Green Globe6-8m4-6mWhite Inconspicuous
Sweet gum / Liquidambar styraciflua Gumball 3-8m 2-4m