Yew will grow in all soil types except peat. Avoid dry soil if you can.


Yew will tolerate full shade however, partial shade is preferred and the best planting position.

Annual Growth Rate

Yew trees are slow growing, 10-30cm a year.


Avoid planting Yew trees in strong acidic soils.

Root Structure

Yew trees have a very deep root system. they are densely branched and fibrous.


Yew trees have an exceptional tolerance to being cut. They have moderate wind resistance.

Annual Pruning

Yew trees can be left to grow naturally. However, they can successfully be pruned into topiary shapes and hedges. Any pruning should be carried out during the growing season.


The Yew is a medium sized evergreen, conifer tree growing to maturity, 15 metres tall with a spread of up to 10 metres. The crown grows ovoid to round in shape.

The Yew tree has been known to live up to 1500 years.

Linked to the Christian faith past and present, Yew trees still are planted in churches, cemeteries and other holy places.

The foliage is made up of many dark-green needle-like leaves that grow in great density.  The ability of Yew to regenerate after being cut makes them perfect for forming and shaping, over time into large hedges and topiary shapes.

Old and beautiful Yew trees, hedges and topiaries can be seen around the UK in stately homes, such as Cliveden, Crathes Castle, Belvoir Castle, Blenheim Palace, Englefield house, Hidcote Manor, Powis Castle or Hampton Court to name just a few.

Yew hedges and screens are often referred to in the landscaping trade as ‘The King of Hedges’.

Fact – The foliage of Yew contains a substance used in the medical industry for the treatment of cancer.

Fact – With exception to the bright-red fleshy seed casings, all other parts of the Yew tree are poisonous to humans and many animals.

Price & Availability


Spring - Summer

Mature Tree


60-65cm girth 6.5m tall

70-75cm girth 7m tall

80-85cm girth 8m tall

90-100cm girth 10m tall

100+cm girth

Semi-Mature Tree


18-20cm girth 4m tall

25-30cm girth 4.5m tall

35-40cm girth 5m tall

45-50cm girth 5m tall

55-60cm girth 5.5m tall

Young Tree


10-12cm girth 2m tall

14-16cm girth 2.2m tall

16-18cm girth 2.5m tall

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