Beech does particularly well in calcareous soils. Generally, chalk, clay, sandy and loam soils from slightly acidic to alkaline.


Beech can wait for light for a long time in the shade of other trees

Annual Growth Rate

Beech growth rate can vary between 40-80cm per annum


Beech does particularly well in calcareous soils although mildly acid soils can be tolerated. Generally, from slightly acidic to alkaline.

Root Structure

Beech have the greatest root density of all European trees, widely spreading, compact, branched and very strong


Beech tolerates much shade and will thrive in low day-light levels. They are sensitive to air, salt and soil pollution of all kinds.

Annual Pruning

Beech trees take well to being cut. However, only require pruning to shape up or to remove dead and damaged branches.


Beech is an impressive large tree with a round crown and smooth silvery-grey bark. Leaf is shiny green then yellow/orange in Autumn.

The native beech tree can reach the grand old age of 300-400 years. It has a large, broad and round crown.

The bark is grey and smooth. Foliage is Deciduous, oval to ovate and shiny dark green. They appear in April. In the autumn, the leaves change colour to yellow or orange then dry-out turning brown and sometimes remain on the tree through the winter months. Small inconspicuous catkins appear in May. Beech nuts are mildly poisonous.

Price & Availability


Spring - Summer

Mature Tree


60-65cm girth 6.5m tall – From £0

70-75cm girth 7m tall – From £1

80-85cm girth 8m tall – From £2

90-100cm girth 10m tall – From £3

100+cm girth – From £4

Semi-Mature Tree


18-20cm girth 4m tall – 18-20

25-30cm girth 4.5m tall – 25-30

35-40cm girth 5m tall – 35-40

45-50cm girth 5m tall – 45-50

55-60cm girth 5.5m tall – 55-60

Young Tree


10-12cm girth 2m tall – 10-12

14-16cm girth 2.2m tall – 14-16

16-18cm girth 2.5m tall – 16-18

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