Our client’s request for this project was for a driveway boundary instant hedge screen that must provide all-year-round screening for his car, so it had to be an evergreen hedge.

After a consultation and our hedge recommendations, which included a soil analysis of his Ascot location, the customer decided on our 1.8m (6ft), tall, fully formed cherry laurel instant hedge.

The planting location for the new hedge was along the side boundary of the driveway which consisted of an old deciduous hedgerow. Our installation team removed the existing trees, roots and an old chain link fence and its concrete posts, and removed and disposed of all this material, off site, recycling where possible.

A trench was excavated and prepared. The new hedge delivered, unloaded and lowered into the trench and backfilled with some of the soil along with compost and fertilizer feeds.

Cherry laurel is one of our many evergreen hedges available and one of the most popular. It is dense, evergreen and ideal for screening.

The customer was pleased with the outcome and service provided and said that our planting team were punctual, professional, thorough and courteous.