No matter where, in a city or in the countryside, trees determine the quality of our environment.

Growing, selecting and planting a tree is a truly rewarding experience. It is an unselfish act, providing pleasure not just for yourself, but also for future generations.

With a semi-mature tree from the Tree and Hedge Company, you not only save yourself years and years of time, you also invest in a product with impressive provenance and years of loving custody.

Key to our service is a considered assessment of the location for planting, in order that we match your objectives to an outcome which will give years of pleasure. Our understanding of root structure, future establishment, the surrounding environment and many other factors will give you the comfort of knowing that your investment is in entirely safe hands.

We offer clear stem trees from 18cm girth up to 100cm girth and feathered trees from 3 metres up to 12 metres high. See our stock lists for more details of how to fall in love with a majestic tree.