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Taxus baccata

Our most versatile hedge available, this outstanding British native evergreen conifer famously known as the king of hedges can be planted in most soils and locations, is hardy, wind, shade and drought resistant.

Soil types
Likes moderately dry to moist, well drained, chalk, clay sandy and loamy soils
Likes sun to deep shade
Annual growth rate
Annual growth slow 15-20cm
Ideal for formal hedges
Cordate, deep, intense, dense fibrous
Formal hedge pruning
Prune twice in the growing season and again at the end of summer

A classic native plant, yew can live for hundreds of years and many mature specimens are flourishing in famous residences and stately homes around the UK in the form of mature hedges fine topiaries and individual specimens, yew flourish and can live for hundreds of years.

Foliage are flat, shiny, dark green needles with a light green underside that are arranged in two lines 2-3cm long tapering to a point.  In summer, clusters of insignificant yellow flowers appear, which if pollinated turn into fleshy, red berries during the autumn.

English yew’s outstanding design potential is due to its excellent tolerance of regular cutting and its ability to regenerate is exceptional. When formally maintained English yew is a true luxury garden feature. Its dense habit makes it an excellent privacy screen, sound barrier and pollution filter.