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Native Mixture

A beautiful mixture of deciduous plant species, A stunning hedge ideal for rural sites, roadsides and wildlife friendly gardens.

Soil types
Likes well-drained chalk, clay and loam soils
Likes full sun to partial shade
Annual growth rate
Annual growth moderate 20-40cm
Ideal for natural informal wildlife hedges and rural hedges
Formal hedge pruning
Pruning not recommended

Our native mixture hedges provide food and protection to a hidden world of creatures and wildlife.

Why plant a native hedge?

Native creatures show a preference for British native plants because they have evolved side by side for thousands of years. Many birds including blackbirds, robins, wren and thrush use this hedge type for nesting.

Native hedges produce flowers, fruit, nuts and seeds that attract many insects which in turn among others, attract predatory insects and birds. This helps to create a healthy ecosystem ensuring a natural balance within the garden. They provide important safe havens for birds, butterflies, moths and small mammals. You may even find toads, hedgehogs and voles hibernating, so planting a native hedge is one of the best things you can do to increase biodiversity in your garden.

From spring, the emerging yellow fluffy catkins and abundant nectar-rich blossoms provide contrast to the stunning range of colour, shape and leaf texture. Light-changing stems and thorny branches play host to a wonderful display of blue, black and red autumnal fruits.

Our native mix hedges grow well in most well-drained soils and is tough enough to withstand exposed sites in full sun or partial shade.