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Ilex aquifolium

Prickly, glossy leaved evergreen hedge revered for its impenetrable foliage and ornamental merit. A British native tolerant of drought, wind and pollution.

Soil types
Likes moderately dry to moist, well drained, chalk, clay sandy and loamy soils
Likes sun to deep shade
Annual growth rate
Annual growth slow 10-15cm
Hedge for heavy shade, windbreak and pollution barrier
Rural hedge, Security hedge, Ornamental hedge
Fleshy, far-reaching cordate roots
Coastal planting tolerance
Suitable for coastal planting
Formal hedge pruning
Prune late spring and again late summer
Suitable for livestock enclosures

Holly hedges can be planting in heavy shade as well as direct sun in most soil types as long as it is well-draining and not too dry. Holly hedges create good wind barriers and will tolerate coastal site locations.

Holly evergreen leaves are shiny dark to black-green, thick and leathery with very sharp spiny edges which make it a highly successful barrier to any unwanted visitors.

Inconspicuous clusters of small white four petal flowers appear in May. An abundance of decorative pea-size bright red berries appears in autumn and remain into winter or sometimes longer, if not eaten by the wildlife.