Thuja Occidentalis

White cedar, Thuja occidentalis and western red cedar, Thuja plicata are popular conifers for hedging.

Thuja can be planted in sun to semi-shade situations in acidic to alkaline, fresh to moist soils. They create fine hedges and screens up to 15 metres high. Thuja are an impressive species of conifer that is particularly good for producing hedges.

Western red cedar / Thuja plicata and White cedar / Thuja occidentalis take well to cutting and regenerate well after trimming. Thuja are fast growing and will survive in sun to semi-shade. They are wind tolerant and frost hardy.

Like English yew, Thuja occidentalis can be trained into any shape for many years. However, cutting into the old wood will, unlike English yew, prevent shooting. Neglected Thuja cannot regenerate.