Mature Tree Moving & Planting


Greys Green Golf Course, located near Henley on Thames, had a two-pronged requirement.

“I originally called four companies to ask about moving a vast amount of trees which we wanted to save and work into our redesigned course,” said Lee Rawlings, an ex-professional golfer who runs L & N Golf Management, a company that designs and builds golf courses. “I also wanted on-going consultancy to act as an expert sounding board.”

The Proposal

Lee appointed The Tree and Hedge Company, who advised him on moving a vast number of trees, from self-seeded whips up to larger trees of 35cm in girth, as well as clumps of shrubs, such as gorse bushes.

With many trees being closely planted, some will have to be sacrificed to allow others to be successfully transplanted. In addition, a bespoke maintenance plan, which will include some foliage reduction, was suggested by the Tree and Hedge Company for a two-year period to ensure the re-plating would be successful.