Instant Screening Solution


This thriving spa wanted to reflect the grandeur of its property with a new boundary hedge, to screen two roads around its curtilage.

The local council had planted a hedge containing young native mixtures within the roadside verge. These plants were all stunted, untidy and having very little effect. At best, they would provide screening in four to five years, but with plants dying and growth uneven, the effect of their planting would be average.

The new hedge had to be attractive, low maintenance, eye-catching and functional.

The Proposal

To identify the best hedge to plant the characteristics of the site had to be taken into consideration as well as the usual horticultural analysis such as soil type, compaction, drainage, sunlight, wind, and aspect.

The Tree and Hedge Company recommended two options, one deciduous and one evergreen: beech (Fagus sylvatica) and Portuguese laurel (Prunus lusitanica). The client decided on the evergreen – Portuguese laurel.

The Best Instant Hedges

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