Thuja Instant Hedge

Sunningdale, Berkshire

The Tree & Hedge Company were contacted by the owner of a beautiful property in Sunningdale, Berkshire. After a recent development next door, the client felt completely overlooked by the new large property backing onto their garden.

Ben Jones from the Tree & Hedge sales team met the client on site and advised the best solution would be 6 metre Thuja Plicata hedging units planted as an instant hedge. Lee Fuller, our senior team leader installed the 6 metre tall hedging units, weighing in at close to one tonne each. We did this only a month after our initial consultation, in just three days!

We now maintain the hedge, monitoring and adjusting the automatic irrigation system that we installed. Our team regularly feed and monitor for pest and disease and prune twice per year.

The overlooking development was completely screened, and the client now has their garden back!

Another happy Tree & Hedge customer!

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