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Western red cedar

Thuja plicata

A popular, fast-growing densely branched evergreen conifer hedge and screen.

Soil types
Suitable for all soil types
Likes full sun to partial shade
Annual growth rate
Annual growth fast 30cm
Tolerates wind and pollution, Sound barrier
High hedges, Privacy screening, Close pruned boundary hedges
Shallow with dense network
Coastal planting tolerance
Suitable for coastal planting
Formal hedge pruning
Prune March, June, September
Informal hedge pruning

An impressive close pruned garden hedge, western red cedar creates fine hedges and high screening up to 15 metres high.

Flattened twigs have many branches with scales stacked like roof shingles. Glossy dark green on top and white underneath and a pleasant fragrance when crushed or brushed against. Flowers and small cones are inconspicuous.