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Sea Buckthorn Mix

Mulberry, serviceberry and Cornus mas

An interesting, adaptable deciduous species mixture, wildlife friendly and useful for planting on poorer soils and within exposed locations.

Soil types
Likes well-drained chalk, clay, sand and loam soils
Likes full sun to partial shade
Annual growth rate
Annual growth fast 30-60cm
Natural informal wildlife hedges, rural and coastal hedges
Formal hedge pruning
Pruning not recommended

Our sea buckthorn mixture hedge is tough and undemanding with decorative flowers, leaves, edible fruits and thorns in various shapes, colours and textures. The sea buckthorn mix hedge is a deterrent to any unwanted visitors and is a good choice if a rustic hedge with ornamental value is a preference.

Like our native mixture hedge, sea buckthorn mixture hedge also provides food and protection to a hidden world of creatures and wildlife.