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Portugese Laurel

Prunus lusitanica

A strong, healthy, dense evergreen that is shade, drought and wind tolerant. An excellent selection for a formal, privacy hedge.

Soil types
Likes moderately dry to moist well-drained chalk, sandy, loam and clay soils
Likes full sun to half shade
Annual growth rate
Annual growth average 25-30cm
Ideal for formal hedges and high screen hedges
Shallow with many fibrous roots wide spreading side shoots
Formal hedge pruning
Prune twice during the growing season and always at the end of summer

Native to Spain and Portugal this hedge is a good choice for planting in drier UK locations or indeed any well-drained dry to moist garden soils that are between slightly acidic to very alkaline.

The leaves of Portuguese laurel are 6-12cm long, evergreen, oblong, ovate, glossy dark green above and lime green below on red stems. White flowers appear in June on 12-20cm long upright racemes. Dark purple red fruits in autumn.

Portuguese laurel’s compact habit makes it a good choice for a formal garden hedge or an impenetrable property boundary privacy screen or windbreak.