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Oval-leaf Privet

Ligustrum ovalifolium

A highly regarded semi-evergreen, due to its planting adaptability, ease of maintenance and long lifespan make it one of the best hedges available.

Soil types
Likes well-drained chalk, clay, sandy and loam soils
Likes full sun to shade
Annual growth rate
Annual growth fast 30-60cm
Grows in most situations and good as a wind barrier
Ideal for formal hedges, privacy screens and high hedges
Dense, shallow roots
Coastal planting tolerance
Suitable for coastal planting
Formal hedge pruning
Prune twice during the growing season and always at the end of summer

Our popular oval-leaf privet is a fast growing, dense hedge that can be successful in most planting situations including dry and moist soils. Oval-leaf privet thrives on strongly calcareous soils and tolerates all cultivated soils from moderately acid to alkaline.

Leaves are oval, somewhat leathery and shiny dark-green, 3-7cm long, with yellow-green undersides. Strong scented creamy white flowers in 10cm long pinnacles appear in June and are particularly attractive to bees. Pea-size shiny black berries follow into the autumn months.

Oval-leaf privet is a good choice for formal hedges and high hedge screens up to 5 metres tall. It’s tolerance of being pruned and ability to regenerate means it can easily be trimmed to split levels or curve designs and topiary shapes. It can also be used as a pioneer plant on sub-soils and can grow on exposed inland and coastal sites in full sun or shade, a highly effective barrier against sound, wind and dust pollution. A great choice for more demanding urban sites that require privacy screening.