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The Tree and Hedge Company

Instant Hedges

The desire for instant impact, for aesthetics or screening remains high on the agenda of home-owners, developers, garden designers and landscape architects.

Our fully formed, instant hedges are horticultural wonders. They comprise interlinked and interlocked plants with dense, bushy foliage. They are specially grown and matured in a way that allows their complete root structure to be lifted and transported to site without harm. Our instant hedge is a high quality product with no equals when it comes to buying time!

Choosing Deciduous or Evergreen?

Over the course of a gardening year, most deciduous hedges have far more to offer than evergreens, the appearance of their new fresh leaves, spring blossom, summer flowers, fruit, ornamental berries and of course, their beautiful autumn colours. Deciduous hedges create shade and screening during the summer months but allow light in, during the dark winter months.

By choosing an evergreen instant hedge you will sacrifice all of this. However, the evergreen gain is obvious, all year round green foliage. Therefore, if you require your hedge to provide screening throughout the year, one of our evergreen hedges is the hedge for you. During the summer, our gardens become an extended room of our homes, a life style that has become more and more popular in recent years. We suggest that you consider your situation carefully before making a decision. Why not call us to talk it through and perhaps arrange a meeting. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Elveden Instant Hedges

We arrange delivery anywhere within the UK of Elveden Instant Hedges and can also offer our professional planting service.