At Tree & Hedge we know how appealing it is to capture the colourful spirit in your own outdoor area. However, there are so many wonderful tree alternatives that it might be daunting to choose one for autumn planting. Do not be alarmed! We’ll walk you through the essential factors for effective autumn planting in this article, so your garden can become an environment for the most spectacular show of nature.

Best trees for Autumn Planting:
1. Bare-root trees: These trees are typically sold at the end of winter or start of spring. They are sold at this time of year so it allows the tree to get a strong root system before summer arrives.
2. Trees native to your region: These trees are naturally adapted to your climate, making them more likely to thrive and require less maintenance.

Here are a list of trees that look wonderful in the autumn:
1. Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana) – Shiny green leaves that turn crimson-red, orange and yellow in the autumn.
2. Field maple (Acer campestre) – Dark green leaves that turn bright yellow in the autumn.
3. Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum) – Green leaves that turn orange to red in the autumn. Bloodgood variety has deep red leaves turning bright red in the autumn and the Dissectum variety has fresh green leaves that turn yellow-orange in the autumn.
4. June berry (Amelanchier lamarckii) – Green leaves that turn yellow to flaming orange-red.
5. Kousa dogwood (Cornus kousa) – Dark-green leaves that turn scarlet or orange-crimson in the autumn.
6. Maidenhair Tree (Ginkgo biloba) – Green fan-shaped leaves that turn golden-yellow in the autumn.
7. Mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia) – Green leaves that turn yellow-orange or brick-red in the autumn.
8. Pin oak (Quercus palustris) – Shiny green leaves turn yellow-orange to bronze-red in the autumn.
9. Red maple (Acer rubrum) – Pale-green leaves that turn flame-red in the autumn.
10. Scarlet oak (Quercus coccinea) – Shiny green leaves turn brilliant scarlet in the autumn.
11. Sweet gum (Liquidambar styraciflua) – Green maple-like leaves that turn violet-brown, crimson-red to orange and yellow in the autumn.
12. Tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica) – Light-green leaves that turn orange-yellow to intense red in the autumn.
13. Wild cherry (Prunus avium) – Dark green leaves turn yellow to orange-red in the autumn.

Trees to avoid planting in Autumn:
1. Evergreen trees: Evergreens continue to grow throughout the winter, making them more susceptible to transplant shock during the colder months.
2. Fruit trees: Most fruit trees require specific chilling periods during winter, which they may not receive if planted in autumn.


By following these simple tips and exploring the wide variety of autumn-friendly trees available at Tree & Hedge, you can make informed decisions that will bring your garden to life during this magical season. Visit Tree & Hedge today, and our experts will help you choose the right tree to make your garden look perfect this autumn.