Your tree questions answered…

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Your tree questions answered…

What are the fastest growing trees in the UK?

Lombardy popular, silver birch and weeping willow, are some of the fastest growing trees.

What time of year is best to plant a tree?

Trees that have been grown in the ground can safely be transplanted during the traditional planting season, which is during the winter months when deciduous (plants that drop leaves), go into a dormancy period and evergreens slow down in growth due to the cold weather. However, some growers now supply trees all year round by growing them in other ways, such as in pots or bags which means that the roots are not cut or dug out of the ground as they are during the planting season.

How far should you plant trees apart?

Tree spacing can depend on the location and species, for example, if you are planning to create a wooded area or screening boundary of native trees the planting distance apart can be as close as 2m. If, however you are planting specimen trees into a garden the spacing should allow for the expected width of the trees crown when mature.

How do tree roots work?

Tree roots grow, spread and anchor the above ground parts of the tree into the surrounding soil. They store essential food reserves and transport water, oxygen and minerals from the soil up into the rest of the tree.

How often should I water a new tree?

The ground that the tree has been planted into should always be moist and should never dry out. The amount of water required will depend on the ground type. For example, freely draining sandy soil will require watering more often than loamy, clayey soils. See our watering guide.

Our tree availability

  • Container grown trees available spring and summer
  • Field grown deciduous trees available October through to April
  • Field grown evergreen trees available September through to May

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