Your hedge questions answered…

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Your hedge questions answered…

What is the fastest growing hedge UK?

Leyland cypress / Cupressocyparis x leylandii, most commonly known and referred to as Leylandii. The leylandii is an evergreen conifer tree used mostly in the UK for hedges and tall privacy screening.

What time of year is best to plant a hedge?

Hedging plants that have been grown in the ground can only be planted during the planting season which is during the winter months when deciduous plants (plants that drop leaves), go into a dormancy period and evergreens slow down in growth due to the cold weather. However, some growers can offer hedging plants all year round by growing them other ways, such as in pots or troughs.

What is the easiest hedge to maintain?

This depends on which species of plant the hedge is. For example, a low hedge of box or lavender is very easy to maintain because the branches are soft and can be pruned with garden shears or a basic hedge trimmer. Hedges with harder wood branches such as cherry laurel, beech and hornbeam need to be cut using secateurs, loppers or heavy-duty hedge trimmers.

How far should you plant a hedge from a wall?

In most situations a gap of 100cm is suitable but some species can be planted closer and some should be given more space. Advice can be given when you decide on which hedge you would like.

How quickly can you grow a hedge?

Plants have demands and preferences for locations, like sun or shade, ground and soil types. Therefore, finding the best species options for your garden will mean that the hedge will establish well, and at its expected growth rate.

How often should I water a new hedge?

The ground that the hedge has been planted into should always be moist and should never dry out. The amount of water required will depend on the ground type. For example, freely draining sandy soil will require watering more often than clayey soils. See our watering guide.

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